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A recent newspaper article in Oregon’s Canby Herald outlines an improved commercial real estate market:

“The Canby commercial real estate market continues to be a gem of a find in the Portland Metro region, according to local observers, and is well-positioned to absorb growth in the region.”

Titled ‘Canby Commercial, Industrial Real Estate Inventory Well-Positioned For Growth,’ click here for the complete article.

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A recent article about concealed carry gun permit holders raises questions for commercial property owners.

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Federal Courts Uphold Second Amendment Rights

“Concealed-carry is now the law of the land. In District of Columbia v. Heller in 2008, the U.S. Supreme Court confirmed an individual’s right to keep and bear arms in the nation’s capital. Two years later, the court affirmed this ruling at the state level, denying local governments from interfering with an individual’s rights to bear arms. After that point, areas with gun bans in place had to pass legislation that did not come into conflict with the court’s ruling. Illinois was the last state in the nation to pass a concealed-carry law last July.”

Click here to read the entire article about how concealed carry can sometimes impact commercial property owners.

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Court Rulings Uphold Self Defense With Firearms

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Oregon’s commercial real estate market is sputtering back to life in our metropolitan areas. A number of high-profile projects that stalled during the Great Recession have suddenly restarted. Several other large construction projects also are just getting underway.

But according to commercial real estate experts, new construction is only half the story — vacant office space in the region is rapidly filling up, foreshadowing even more construction in coming years.

Read more about Oregon’s changing commercial real estate climate here.

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